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Are you relying on the Social Security Administration to help you figure out how to get the biggest lifetime benefit?  

Think again…

I was floored.  I couldn’t believe my mom was able to nearly DOUBLE her benefit with just one trip to the local Social Security Administration office.

Why didn’t we know about this sooner?  (We are soooo thankful to the person who gave us the heads-up!)

For crying out loud, her husband (my dad, Roger) had been a financial advisor for nearly three decades, and I (her son, John) am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.  

How did BOTH of these financial specialists not know something so powerful?  

Sadly, that is not an uncommon situation.  Because...

The regulations and red tape surrounding social security benefits are so complex and nuanced that even the most competent and experienced financial pros can get tripped up.

That’s why we invested a truckload of time, money and brain-shelf-space (is that a thing?) to learning how to help people--whether rich or poor--get their hands on as much of their own hard-earned retirement money as they can.

You see, with social security, you are basically pre-buying a lifetime retirement income.  So why would you want to leave the store with any part of what you already purchased still sitting on the counter???

We don’t think you should.  

Which is why we help people navigate their way through the SSA jungle for an insanely low investment of time and dollars (one hour, and 150 dollars 75 dollars for Ken Coleman show listeners).

Here’s the thing: SOCIAL SECURITY IS A MAZE.  

Instead of being the mouse looking for the cheese, we hope you will take advantage of the knowledge, experience and resources we have at our fingertips so you can feel confident you are maximizing your benefits for the rest of your (and your spouse’s) life.  

Things to Consider…

  • What happens to your benefits if you keep working?

  • When is the “break-even” point if you decide to delay taking benefits?

  • Should you and your spouse start benefits at the same time, or in different years?

  • Will you have to pay taxes on your benefit?  If so, how much?

  • How do you maximize the amount available for the surviving spouse?

  • What happens to your Medicare premium if you earn “too much”?

  • Is it possible to get an increase in benefits even after your full retirement age?

  • If you remarried, can you chose which spouse’s earnings history to use to determine your benefits?

  • If you are already drawing benefits, can anything be done to boost your social security income?

  • The website has more than a dozen different retirement age and benefit calculators.  (They don’t make it easy to figure out the best scenario.)

So if you are less than 100% sure your social security strategy won’t leave any money on the counter, wouldn’t it be worth a second opinion by someone who specializes in this stuff?  In fact...

If you invest a little bit of time, and a little bit of money, and end up feeling like it was wasted, we will issue you a refund for any reason.  No questions asked.

So why leave it to chance?

Like my dad (Roger) says, “Son, you can be 99% and still lose.”

But look at what “winning” could look like:

  • sadly, many retirees still have debt...why not pay it down faster?…or

  • more money for your grandkid’s college...or first house…or

  • maybe take another vacation...visit family out of town...or

  • contribute to that special project at church…or

  • just save it up and leave a larger inheritance…

More options.  More freedom.  That’s what more income buys you.

Whether you managed your money perfectly ever since your first paycheck, or maybe you’ve had setbacks along the way (like most normal people), THIS is a chance to take charge and make the most of what will amount to a massive chunk of money.

In fact, for many people, their social security income is their BIGGEST asset (they just may not realize it).

So if you’re between 55 and 71 years old, and you’re serious about meeting the social security puzzle head on with a competent navigator by your side, we are pleased as punch to be at your service.  

See, we want as many people as possible to get everything they deserve.  And it only takes a little bit of money, and about an hour of your day.  So here’s the plan:

What to do next…

Step 1) Click the “Reserve My Spot” button to reserve your place in line

Step 2) Fill in the contact form on the next page

Step 3) Scott Grant from our office will contact you to set a time for your consultation

Step 4) You will get a letter from us detailing what to expect at your consultation, how to arrange payment, and what papers you will need to bring

Step 5) Review your custom social security maximization plan and either a) give us hugs; or b) tell us we stink and ask for your money back [okay, hugs are appreciated but not required]

REMEMBER: This service has been discounted from $150 to $75 for Ken Coleman Show listeners.

So go ahead.  Enter your info and click the blue button.

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John Sulhoff, CFP®

Son to a mom who now has more income


P.S.  When my mom nearly doubled her social security income with just one trip to the local SSA office, I knew this was something the community needed to hear about.  But since we are already near capacity with our existing clients, you will want to take advantage of this offer right away.  These appointment slots get filled fairly quickly during “annual review” season, so we may have to take this offer down if the demand is as high as we think it will be.

P.P.S. If you include your mailing address, we will mail you the professionally written and designed Baby Boomer’s Guide to Social Security as a thank you from us for you to review prior to your consultation.  (The Guide is quite helpful even by itself, so if you end up giving your copy to a friend, no problem--we will give you another one--just ask.)

Here’s the blue button again.

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We look forward to serving you!


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